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Yellow Jacket Series 41 Charging Manifold Assembly For R-22, R-404A, And R-410A


Get the job done correctly with these Yellow Jacket Series 41 Manifold Gauges. This set comes with 60” Plus Ii hoses with standard 1/4” flare fittings. The Yellow Jacket R22 gauges have large, easy-grip handles. Everything is color coded for easy identification. This Yellow Jacket manifold set is built with full porting to optimize flow and capacity.


Fieldpiece PRH2 Digital PsychrometerFor real-time, instant readings techs use everyday, this pocket digital psychrometer is a must have for every HVACR professional. Wet bulb, dry bulb, dew point, and %RH are shown on the backlight, dual display, and measurements can be taken either in the duct, or while walking around.Same As MTR1378 This Fieldpiece PRH2 Digital Psychrometer is a genuine Fieldpiece Psychrometer perfect for HVACR professionals. This meter is made and designed to measure air conditions such as humidity, and then give you a live digital reading; it does this with its dual thermometers. How you operate this Fieldpiece PRH2 Digital Psychrometer is by exposing the dry thermometer to open air to read the air temperature, and then using the wet bulb by dipping it in the water to read its temperature. By getting these two readings you can then find the relative humidity in the area, by calculating the difference between the two temperatures. This Fieldpiece PRH2 Digital Psychrometer has a Back lighted dual display feature that will show you the wet and dry bulb readings, the dew point, and RH% so you can have the most accurate information on the jobsite.




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