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  • This powerful Ozone and Ionic Air Cleaner breaks down and destroys odor-causing agents and cleans the air with its Ionic cleaning power. If you have an odor this is your solution! Even powerful enough to remove smoke. This New Comfort high-end air purifier has 2 stages of purification, washable Ozone plates, 3-year warranty, and works up to 3500 square feet leaving your air clean and fresh. The air purifier eliminates odors from tobacco smoke, smoke, pet smells, paint fumes, molds, pollens, allergies, chemical gases, dust, food, and just about any odor you can think of. It is attractive and powerful and leaves your air smelling clean and fresh. It can be used for home or commercial use and cleans up to 3500 square feet.

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  • Envion Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier Ionic Blade Filter Analog Controls Black Envion: Healthy Home Who We Are ENVION is a BONECO AG company. Today, the family-owned company BONECO AG is part of the PLASTON Group and is internationally active in portable air treatment solutions for living areas. It all began in the garage next to the family home in 1956, thanks to the help from the entire family. Hans Frei and his son Roland Frei founded the PLASTON company despite trying economic conditions. It became a success story and continues to this day under the BONECO brand. BONECO has since grown its brand to include ENVION which has helped broaden the products offered, allowing more households the opportunity to achieve a healthier home environment by finding the right product that fits their needs and price range. While always keeping quality and affordability in mind, ENVION continues to lead in product development and engineering with the main goal of helping everyone achieve a healthy home environment! What Sets Our Products Apart Ionic Pro Technology… Completely Silent! It starts by generating a stream of negative ions. The negative ions attract positive airborne allergens and particles in the air. The negative ions join with these pollutants, then the particles are trapped on oppositely charged metal collection plates, and clean, fresh flow of negative air is circulated back into the room. No Filters Needed! One significant benefit of the Ionic Pro line is that it doesn’t require you to replace the filter; instead, you lift the removable cap, pull out the collection blades and wipe them clean with a soft cloth. The Ionic Pro makes it easy to achieve a healthier home environment. 

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