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Little Giant

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  • When you have projects to do, you need a ladder that can do it all. The Little Giant LT is the perfect ladder to complete those tasks. From framing a house, to hanging drywall, the LT will help you finish your to-do list.EASY TO USE The LT is a lightweight, multi-position ladder with added features to make set up and take down simple. To adjust the height of the ladder, simply push in the Rock Lock adjusters and move the inner section to the height you need. When you need to move the ladder from place to place, tip the ladder on its wheels and roll it with the Tip & Glide wheels.MULTI-POSITION LADDERThe LT is the ladder that helps you complete your tasks easily. Set up the ladder in different configurations that suit the project at hand, like stepladder, extension, staircase, 90-degree or trestle-and-plank scaffolding. It’s fast and easy.INCLUDES THE LADDER RACK ACCESSORYWhen not properly stored, your ladder can become a tip or trip hazard, which can cause damage or injury to yourself, your ladder or your property. The Ladder Rack™ from Little Giant Ladders® helps you save space, while protecting your ladder from damage. This accessory mounts to the studs in the wall at the 16” center; and holds up to 75 lbs.

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