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Core Building Supplies Clearance Shelf

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  • Southwire 1918 50-Amp Twist-Lock Generator Power Extension Cord, 6/3 & 8/1 SEOW Black, 50-Foot, Features Hard-Usage and oil resistant cable jackets withstand harsh environments, Molded NEMA plugs provide ultimate dust and strain-relief. For use in disaster recovery, restoration, renovation or maintenance projects requiring temporary, portable power in: Residential, Commercial & Industrial, Municipal, Utility, and Emergency Response. When fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, flood damage or other severe disasters devastate structures, readily available power for heavy equipment is limited. In disaster recovery, the ability to utilize electrical equipment in remote areas helps emergency response; building recovery and restoration efforts. In most cases, the only reliable sources of significant power are 125/250V range and dryer outlets, or portable generators. Southwire provides the industry’s widest offering of safe, convenient extension cords and adapters to convert these non-standard power outlets into usable 125V power. This Disaster Recovery and Restoration Cord allows emergency response teams and contractors to convert dryer, range or generator outlets into usable power for larger equipment or temporary power distribution boxes.

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