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Appliances Parts & Accessories

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  • Royal Sovereign RCMW1000-25SS Microwave Oven – Single – 0.90 ft?? Main Oven – Electric Heat Source (Main Oven) – 3 Power Levels – Microwave – 1000 W Microwave Power – 120 V AC – Stainless Steel Ceramic – Countertop – Stainless Steel COMMERCIAL GRADE STAINLESS STEEL

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  • GE 30″ Built-In Trim Kit for Select GE Microwaves: Compatible with select GE models; built-in convenience; sleek, customized look

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  • Sun-court’s Dryer Boosting Kits are ideal for solving residential, commercial and industrial dryer vent problems where more airflow is needed. Most dryers are designed to vent about 15 ft. of duct. They supplement the fan in your dryer to enhance its efficiency. Their in-line construction allows for easy installation as well as reduced clogging. They have a high temperature rating up to 140°F/60°C. The fan has thermal overload protection and features an automatic reset. The Sun-court Dryer Boosting Kits come with an accurate, reliable current sensing switch that turns the fan on and off when it senses current from the dryer. Stack effect, wind and installation can interfere with the operation of pressure switches by starting the fan unnecessarily or simply not turning the fan on when required.FeaturesSave energy usage.Reduce wear and tear on the dryer.Reduce drying cycles.ETL listed and 200 CFM fan.Will allow fan to turn on and off automatically with the dryer.200 CFM centrifugal fan.Dimension – 11 x 11 x 14.75 in.- SKU: SNCRT025

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