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Highcraft 6 in. Riser Clamp in Galvanized Steel (5-Pack)


Highcraft proudly presents to you a broad range of pipe hangers, supports and related accessories to assist you with your plumbing, HVAC and fire protection pipe installations. This Riser Clamp is the ideal choice for supporting vertical pipe runs throughout your building. Clamped around the pipe tightly and resting on the floor penetration at each floor level, it supports, restrains and transfers the pipe load to the building structure. We at Highcraft are proud to anchor your pipes with unmatched security.


Highcraft 6 in. Riser Clamp in Galvanized Steel (5-Pack)Function: supports vertical piping tightly at floor level and transfers load to building structureSpecifications: fits pipe 6 in. / maximum temperature 450°F / maximum load 1600 / designed for standard iron pipeDurable: top quality galvanized steel construction for ultimate performance and corrosion resistanceInstructions for easy installation: attach 2 halves of clamp around pipe using 2 bolts (directly below welded shear lugs) / tighten bolts till clamp holds pipe securely / lay clamp on floorBetter choice: eliminates the need for glue, tape, metal shield and rigid insulation insertCompliance: UL, FM, ANSI and federal specifications A-A-1192A type 8


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